Form A1 is obtained only from the National House of Public Pensions from Bucharest by the employer and certifies that the company is up to date with the payment of social contributions in the country of the headquarter. Starting with 1st of April 2017, the transport companies also, are required to ensure the A1 form for the drivers leaving the origin country. Employees are required to take upon themselves this A1 Form together with the original employment contract. In order to obtain A1 Form, companies must fulfill the minimum conditions required by the National House of Public Pensions from Bucharest and to prepare a rather complex file. For this reason, we have specialized in this procedure and offer consultancy in preparing the file. The consulting services include the correct informing of the client regarding the procedure for issuing the form, assistance in the preparation of documents and declarations, registration of the file to the National House of Public Pensions from Bucharest and sending the application form with the registration number to the client within a maximum of 5 working days from the submission of the file. The consulting services also include raising up the A1 Document from the National House of Public Pensions from Bucharest and mail it to the client.

The application form having the registration number, is valid and accepted by the authorities of the EU countries for 60 days from the date of registration at CNPP Bucharest. Form A1 is valid for the entire duration of the collaboration agreement between the Romanian company and the foreign company, but may not exceed 24 months. The A1 Form is valid only for the working point specified in the collaboration agreement with the foreign partner. Regarding the transport companies, the A1 document is also valid for 24 months and the conditions regarding the turnover and the employees number are easier to fulfill. The company’s benefit of owning the A1 form, is that the employees are insured both in Romania and in the country where they are seconded. Also, for the employees, the company do not have to pay for private assurance in the country were the employees are seconded, because in case of medical emergency or working accident, the employees will be ensured as a citizen of the country in which are seconded. Also, companies have the advantage of not applying for work permits for employees.
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