Tax Back Consulting is specialized in the recovery of VAT and excise duties and in providing support services (administrative, economic and financial) for companies, especially for transport and construction companies.

Based on the experience of our team of over 20 years in the field of transport services, we have designed and developed a well-integrated service system that aims at the same time to increase the liquidity of our clients, as well as to reduce expenses.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the first choice of customers in recovering taxes from European Union countries, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and in providing support services for companies, especially transport companies.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide, through consulting, information and training, professional support to companies in their effort primarily to grow, and also to ensure business continuity by supplementing financial resources, especially liquidity.

Our values

Over the years, we have understood that in order to build a successful business, it is essential to establish from the beginning your moral principles that you want to turn into pillars of your organization.

At Tax Back Consulting we promote and rely on:

Integrity – we apply the principles of business ethics, fairness and transparency regarding the relationship, first with our clients, colleagues and partners and last but not least, the authorities of the state to which we subordinate. We communicate openly, transparently and completely in any situation.

Respect – respecting others, we respect ourselves first and foremost. We respect our clients, colleagues and partners. We take into account the opinions and needs of those we work for, creating harmony between what we offer and what our clients and partners want.

Promptness – to respond promptly to clients and partners, is one of the values that characterizes us, thus offering confidence to others that in everything we do we apply the quality standards specific to our field of activity.

Responsibility – to take responsibility for your work, means to be aware that the result of your work depends on you, on how much you get involved in what you do. We are involved, we take responsibility, we take the work tasks with the utmost seriousness, we respect the contractual clauses and at the same time we find the appropriate solutions.

Collaborators. In order to save our clients’ time and make their work easier, from the very beginning we set out to cover a wide range of services, by concentrating them in the same place. We have thus created a network of collaborators, with whom we come to support our clients with all the services necessary to grow their business.

OMV Petrom, Vialtis, EBV Finance are just some of them, being successful names on the international market.